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Introducing Cole Waterhouse

Cole Waterhouse is a UK based property development firm specialising in delivering innovative medium–large mixed-use regeneration schemes. We are committed to delivering high-quality design to enhance the surrounding environment and community, as shown with our recent projects at Wembley Hill Road and No 1 Old Trafford. Collaboration and placemaking is at the heart of what we do to ensure our projects leave long-lasting and positive legacies.

We are proposing to regenerate a 3.5-acre site in the heart of Digbeth just off Upper Trinity Street and Adderley Street. We’re working closely with Birmingham City Council, neighbouring landowners the local community and a host of creative and cultural institutions to bring forward our vision for the site.

Once you have read about our proposals, we would be grateful if you could take a moment to fill in our online contact form, we would love to know what you think of our plans.

Examples of Our Developments


1st Way Campus – Wembley, London

No.1 Old Trafford – Trafford, Manchester

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Anchorage Gateway

About Upper Trinity Street

Our aim is to provide urban housing as well as retail leisure and hotel accommodation in this key part of the city. This will include a range of event, work and creative spaces that reflect, retain and enhance the unique character and heritage of Digbeth. We understand that the sense of ‘Digbethness’ is unique both in Birmingham and the UK and we will ensure that it is reinforced by our proposals.

The proposal is for a place-led cultural and residential response to the opportunity to enrich Digbeth. The lower levels of the proposal will offer creative, cultural and commercial space with the residential component located above within a series of taller building elements.

3D Masterplan Image of the Whole Site



At Cole Waterhouse, we have a vision for a new cultural, commercial and residential neighbourhood at Upper Trinity Street in Digbeth and we are working with the local Digbeth communities to help shape this.

For the last year, we’ve been working alongside local groups and businesses to produce our plans for this mixed-use scheme and you can have a say in how we take this application forward.


We were challenged by Birmingham City Council to showcase our vision for Upper Trinity Street and support our idea that Digbeth can become a vibrant 24/7 destination. We want Digbeth to be a place where people can live, work and play within easy access of the city centre, just as the site was in the 1930s.

Our vision aligns to the Council’s own aspirations identified in the adopted Birmingham Development Plan, emerging Digbeth Masterplan and Birmingham Curzon Street Masterplan, ‘to create a thriving creative and cultural hub with a high-quality, and easily accessible environment in Digbeth’.

Our development presents an opportunity to restore the urban fabric along Upper Trinity Street and provide a legible urban environment for both pedestrians at street level, those walking along the potential future Sky Park and passengers travelling in by train.

Download our vision document
Mural of Upper Trinity Street

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Upper Trinity St.

Placemaking Vision

This images shows upper levels of the residential development. Click here for further details.


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Aerial Shot of Digbeth Area

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We strongly believe that our proposal for Upper Trinity Street will have a significant positive impact on the landscape of Digbeth, bringing the following local benefits:

Supporting Mayor Andy Street’s ‘brownfield first’ policy

Providing a significant area of publicly accessible greenspace

The development will provide jobs for local people

The development will provide Birmingham with approximately 950 new homes including affordable housing

The development will bring economic benefits, both during construction and operation

The scheme aims to respect and work with the existing community to enrich Digbeth

The development has been planned with a high-quality design approach

The development will lead to a range of S106 financial contributions

Project Timeline

We have been carrying out informal engagement with Birmingham City Council regarding the opportunity this site presents since December 2018 and hope to commence work on the site in 2021. Over 2020 we will be progressing our proposals through the planning application process, the approximate dates of which you can see below.

February 7th 2020

Public Consultation Event

March 2020

Proposal formally submitted to the Birmingham City Council Planning Committee

Autumn 2020

Final decision to be made by Planning Committee


Work commences on site


News updates related to our proposal to redevelop Upper Trinity Street, Digbeth. This page will be updated as and when we have information or news to share, particularly news on our proposals’ progression through the planning process.


February 2020

Future of Digbeth in the Hands of Youth

Beatfreeks will be running a focus group following our public event – they work with large organisations running youth communication campaigns to grow their audiences – and the aim of the consultation is to further understand the aspirations that local young people have about the future evolution of Digbeth and ensure that the Upper Trinity Street scheme responds to them.

Get Involved

You can have a major say in the future of Upper Trinity Street, Digbeth. Leave your details and a member of our project team will be in touch to keep you in the know – meaning you can be a vital part of the future success of Digbeth.

As part of our commitment to building a community that will draw on the characteristics of bygone generations, we would like to hear your thoughts on these plans. Be a part of the future history – a new era of 24/7 Digbeth and leave a comment on the proposals.

You can use our online contact form, or if you’re after more information, get in touch using our Freephone information number: 0800 298 7040.

Alternatively, you can email and a member of the project team will be in touch.

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